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"Wooder Ukraine"

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We are direct pellets producer. That's why you can be sure in regular supplying and our reliability!

EN-Plus A1 certified production. We strive for the best quality of our products and keep it at the highest level!

Flexible pricing policy. We always find mutually benificial prices with our customers!

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How we work


Raw material

Kind - 100% coniferous wood

Absence of sand and foreign impurities



Production volume: 500-600 tons/month

Schedule: 24/7/365



EN-Plus A1 certified

Diameter - 6 mm

Ash content - ≤0,7%

Humidity - ≤8%



From factory in Korosten, Zhitomir region

Shipping to any point of the world

We work on EXW, FCA, FOB, DAP, CFR, CIF basis

Our production is EN-Plus A1 certified, you can be sure in the highest quality of product. Each batch of our wood pellets is tested for key indicators in our own laboratory at factory in Korosten

Our client's references

Philippe Bonnet

Lyon, France

Nous avons acheté les granules des bois dans la société "Wooder Ukraine" lors de la dernière saison du chauffage pour la vente au détail dans notre boutique en ligne. Auparavant nous avions eu une mauvaise experience avec l’Ukraine, les marchandises n’ont pas été livrées après le paiement. La société en question est un fabricant de granules de bois et a toujours respecté les délais de livraison de toutes nos commandes, donc nous n’avons pas peur pour la sécurité de nos virements. Nous remercions tout particulièrement pour l’organisation du transport des granules de bois directement dans notre entrepôt! Nous recommandons cette entreprise en tant que fournisseur fiable et digne de confiance.

"We bought wood pellets from company "Wooder Ukraine" during the last heating season for retail sales in our online shop. Previously we had had a bad experience with Ukraine, the goods were not delivered after payment. The company is a manufacturer of wood pellets and has always respected the delivery times of all our orders, so we are not afraid for the security of our transfers. We especially thank you for organizing the transport of wood pellets directly into our warehouse! We recommend this company as a reliable and trustworthy supplier."

Claus Zimmel

Munchen, Germany

Da wir technologisch an eine sehr stabile und eine ununterbrochene Kesselarbeit von ca. 200 kW über Monate angewiesen sind, können wir uns nur die höchstqualitative Holzpellets mit einem sehr geringen Aschegehalt unter 0.7% leisten. Nach einer Fachempfehlung aus NRW hat unser Unternehmen die Holzpellets direkt beim ukrainischen Hersteller „Wooder Ukraine“ bestellt. Da die gelieferte Wahre sowohl in dem Volumen als auch in der Qualität unserer Erwartungen im vollsten Maße entspricht (Aschegehalt um 0.6%) entschieden wir die „Wooder Ukraine“ als den langfristigen Lieferant zu betrachten.

"Since we are technologically dependent on a very stable and uninterrupted boiler work of approx. 200 kW for months, we can afford only the highest quality wood pellets with a very low ash content below 0.7%. According to a professional recommendation from NRW, our company ordered wood pellets directly from the Ukrainian manufacturer "Wooder Ukraine". Since the delivered truthly corresponds in full to the volume as well as to the quality of our expectations (ash content by 0.6%), we decided to regard the "Wooder Ukraine" as the long-term supplier."

Angelo Leone

Palermo, Italy

Acquisto pellets da parte della società "Wooder Ukraine" per la successiva vendita al dettaglio in esercizi. In precedenza, abbiamo avuto alcuna esperienza con l'Ucraina, quindi c'erano alcune preoccupazioni. Siamo rimasti piacevolmente sorpresi dalla velocità di risposta alle nostre richieste e supporto continuo in ogni fase della nostra cooperazione. Ordiniamo circa 150 tonnellate al mese, le spedizioni vengono effettuate in tempo. Inoltre, si ottiene un feedback solo positivi dai nostri clienti per l'uso di pellet, grazie al "Wooder Ukraine" in modo significativo le vendite sono aumentate attraverso la nostra società. Si consiglia di questa azienda a tutti per la cooperazione!

"We bought pellets from the company "Wooder Ukraine" for subsequent retail sale in the chain stores. Previously, we had no experience of cooperation with Ukrainian comapnies, so there were some concerns. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed with which they responded to our requests and constant support at all stages of our cooperation. We order about 150 tons per month, shipments are made on time. Also, we receive only positive feedback from our customers from using of pellets and significantly increased the revenue of our company thanks to "Wooder Ukraine" . We recommend this company to everyone for cooperation!"

Our contacts

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Sales department: +38 067 874 64 72

Schedule: Monday-Friday- 9:00-18:00

Head-office:+38 044 223 20 58

Schedule: Monday-Friday - 9:00-18:00

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Head-office: 02140, L. Rudenko str 6-а., Kiev, Ukraine

Production: 11509, Korosten, Zhitomir region, Ukraine

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