Who we are

Our company was founded in 2016. During this time, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner for lots of wholesale and retail customers.

In production we use modern highly reliable equipment that allows to produce wood pellets without interruption, ensuring a stable supply of our customers.

There is a mini-laboratory on site with a complete set of equipment for control of all the characteristics of each batch sent. You can be sure of consistently high quality. Our production has EN-Plus A1 certification (ID: UA 034).

Our company has always been committed to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation, because we care about the safety of our reputation! The trust of our clients first and foremost! We take care of each of our customers!

For traders - it is a guarantee of their reputation for partners! For end consumers - high product efficiency!

Photos of our production


How we do it

  • Receive and store

    When raw material (sawdust) come to us, we transfer it from transport to a specially equipped site, where it accumulates for further processing into finished products.

    Storage of sawdust is organized indoor in order to exclude its contact with soil, sand or dirt.

    Further, raw material is supplied by technological transport directly to the production line, thus completely eliminating its contact with the ground surface for low ash content of the finished product.

    The ash content of the sawdust (coniferous tree), according to generally accepted regulatory data, is 0.2-0.55% and remains almost unchanged in subsequent use.

  • Sift

    The first section directly of the process of production - screening of raw material.

    At this stage, incoming sawdust enters a complex of screening equipment, where all big inclusions are calibrated and taken off the production process for guarantee of cleanless of raw material.

  • Dry

    The next section is drying of raw material.

    Here, sawdust is dried to a moisture content of 8-10%, which is optimal for subsequent granulation. This allows to obtain pellets with maximum mechanical strength and bulk density.

    We use drum-type dryer in production that allows to achieve maximum productivity and product quality.

    At this stage, the ash content increases by an average of 0.1-0.15%, which makes it possible to receive wood pellets with EN-Plus A1 quality and ash content of 0.5-0.7%.

  • Granulate

    The main production cycle is then carried out - granulation.

    Immediately prior to granulation, the raw material is moistened with water to give it greater elasticity to obtain an ideal mechanical strength and density.

    During granulation raw material is pushed through the holes in ring die by rollers of the granulator, and forms wood pellets.

    We use a highly reliable pellet mill with Italian ring die and rollers, which minimise downtime due to breakdowns.

  • Cool and sieve

    After granulation wood pellets have a high temperature, which can entail their deformation and deterioration in performance.

    To avoid this, wood pellets are passed through the cooling machine, where they reach room temperature.

    Before packing, pellets should be cleaned of dust and fine crumbs, for which they are passed through the screening sieve, where the fine particles are sorted out and returned to the repeated granulation.

  • Packing

    This is the final production stage, during which wood pellets are packed for shipment to customers.

    Packing in big-bags is carried out automatically in the production line.

    Packing in 15 kg bags is carried out in semi-automatic mode. During the packing process, the wood pellets are repeatedly sieved from the fine crumb for the minimum dust content in bags.